Installing Idra

This section covers the steps needed to properly install Idra. The Idra platform is a Java EE application that can be installed in the following ways:

The following sections describe each installation method in detail.


Idra has the following requirements that must be correctly installed and configured

Framework Version Licence
Java SE Development Kit 8.0 Oracle Binary Code License
Apache Tomcat 8.5 Apache License v.2.0
MySQL 5.7.5 Community GNU General Public License Version 2.0
RDF4J Server 2.2.1 EDL 1.0 (Eclipse Distribution License)
RDF4J Workbench 2.2.1 [EDL 1.0 (Eclipse Distribution License)


Idra is based on the following software libraries and frameworks.

Library Version Licence
Antlr 2.7.7 BSD License
Apache Commons Subpackages 2.x & 3.x Apache License 2.0
Apache Http Client 4.5.2 Apache License 2.0
Apache Http Core 4.5.2 Apache License 2.0
Apache Jena ARQ 3.3.0 Apache License 2.0
Apache Log4j 2.7 Apache License 2.0
Apache SOLR-Lucene (SOLR Core) 6.6.0 Apache License 2.0
Apache Tika Parser 1.20 Apache License 2.0
Bytecode OpenCSV 2.4 Apache License 2.0
CKANClient-J 1.7 AGPL 3.0 (GNU Affero General Public License)
Google Gson 2.8.0 Apache License 2.0
Google Guava 20.0 Apache License 2.0
Hibernate 5.2.10.Final LGPL 2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Hikari 2.6.1 Apache License 2.0
Jackson 1.9.13 Apache License 2.0
Jersey 2.23.2 GPL 2.0 (GNU General Public License Version)
Joda-Time 2.9.5 Apache License 2.0
Jsoup 1.10.1 MIT License
JTS Topology Suite 1.13 LGPL 2.0 (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Mysql connector (Community Release) 5.1.39 GPL 2.0 (GNU General Public License Version)
Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler 2.3.0 Apache License 2.0
RDF4J-Runtime 2.2.1 EDL 1.0 (Eclipse Distribution License)
Ace Editor 1.2.0 BSD License
AngularJS 1.5.9 MIT License
Angular-Chart.js 1.1.1 BSD License
Angular-d3-word-cloud 0.2.0 MIT License
Angular Dialog Service 5.2.8 MIT License
Angular-File-Saver 1.x MIT License
Angular-Leaflet-Directive 0.9.0 MIT License
Angular-Marked 1.x MIT License
Angular MD5 0.1.8 MIT License
Angular PapaParse 1.0.0 MIT License
Angular-Pdf-Viewer 1.0.0 MIT License
Angular UI - Bootstrap 0.13.3 MIT License
Angular UI - ACE 0.2.3 MIT License
Angular-UI-Switch 0.1.1 MIT License
Angular-Undescore-Module 1.0.1 MIT License
Angular Utils Pagination 0.11.0 MIT License
Angular-Translate 2.18.2 MIT License
Angular ZeroClipboard 0.8.0 MIT License
Angular-xeditable 0.1.8 MIT License
Bootstrap 3.3.2 MIT License
Bootstrap-Material 3 MIT License
Chart.js 2.9.3 MIT License
Flag Icon CSS 1.x MIT License
JQuery 1.10.2 MIT License
Leaflet 0.7.7 BSD-2-Clause
ngCountrySelect 0.1.4 MIT License
ngImageCrop 0.3.2 MIT License
ngTagsInput 3.0.x MIT License
PapaParse 5.1.1 MIT License
Pdf.js 0.1.0 Apache-2.0
spin.js 2.3.2 MIT License
Smart Table 2.1.3 MIT License
togeojson 0.16.0 BSD-2-Clause
ZeroClipboard 2.2.0 MIT License

External Components

Idra supports a customized version of the DatalEt-Ecosystem Provider (DEEP) as an external and optional component. The following repositories must be installed to use the latest version of DEEP with Idra:

Repository Version Licence
deep forked from routetopa/deep 2.0 MIT License
deep2-client forked from routetopa/deep2-client 2.0 MIT License
deep2-components forked from routetopa/deep2-components 2.0 MIT License